Clackamas River Corridor Campgrounds

When Will the Clackamas River Corridor Campgrounds Re-Open?

The Clackamas River Corridor was heavily damaged during the Riverside fire of 2020 and virtually all of the campgrounds in the area have been closed since. There is promising news this year, however. We are learning that the Forest Service is planning to open up to 6 campgrounds in the area was well as access to Bagby Hot Springs.

The following campgrounds will be open in May via first come, first served (no reservations) for the 2024 camping season:

The Forest Service also plans to open Rainbow Campground at some point during the summer though it still needs significant work before it is ready.

The Ripplebrook Camp store will also be opening back up this year after significant repairs have brought it back to operating standards. This is good news for campers as it was a popular store for those forgotten items and can save campers from a 30 minute drive back to Estacada.

What Clackamas River Campgrounds are Still Closed?

We recently drove through the Clackamas River Corridor and can tell you that it is no longer what it used to be. Many of the campgrounds are completely destroyed – picnic tables gone, vault toilets burnt out, trees gone, views forever changed. Perhaps what is even more remarkable is how quickly nature is taking it all back. Some of the roads – though we walked them – wouldn’t even be passable with a vehicle as the vegetation has completely overtaken them. It will take significant work for the Forest Service to bring these campgrounds back to the glory they once were.

The following campgrounds are sadly still closed as of April 2024:

Stay Up to Date with Forest Service Information

The Forest Service is doing a good job of keeping the public informed of progress on the re-opening of the Clackamas River Corridor and below are some great links for more information.




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