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12 Campgrounds Near Mt. Hood Open This Weekend

Whether you are ready for it or not, camping season has shown up early this year and is officially upon us.  Camping before Memorial Day weekend usually is not a “thing” in the Pacific Northwest thanks to our ultra wet climate but this year the sun gods have made an early appearance.  With the nice weather here you can count on the crowds looking to escape the unseasonable heat and enjoy some time out in nature.  There is one problem though…. many of the campgrounds people are accustomed to visiting are not open yet.  To help, we have put together a list of some of the more popular campgrounds in the Mt. Hood area and included their open/closed status.

Campgrounds near Mt. Hood Open this Weekend (May 10)

Campgrounds Near Mt. Hood Opening Soon

Timothy Lake Campgrounds Opening Dates

Keep in mind that temperatures at night are still very cold and the lakes and rivers are frigid.  This is also when mosquitos start arriving so be sure to bring plenty of bug spray with you.


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