High Rock Springs Campground, Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon

3.6 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)

High Rock Springs Campground Details

Not a maintained Campground
  • Campground Rating:
  • Number of Campsites: 2
  • Drinking Water: No
  • Toilets: Vaulted
  • Camphost on Site: No
  • Fires Allowed: Yes
  • Cell Service: No
  • Nearest Store (Miles): 30
  • GPS: 45.159918,-121.896938
  • Elevation: 5,000 ft.
  • Showers: No
  • Firewood for Sale: No
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High Rock Springs Campground Description

Highrock Springs is NOT a maintained campground and should really be on the list of deprecated areas.  It is, however, on some maps still in circulation so we have included it on the list of NW campgrounds.  Highrock Springs is located in the Mount Hood National Forest in a hard to reach area between Timothy Lake and the Clackamas River.  There supposedly 6 campsites located here however some of the tables are rotting and falling apart and the actual sites have small shrubs growing in them making it difficult to pitch a tent.   There really is nothing here other than a spring, however, for those looking to truly get away from it all, you have arrived.

The campground is on a steep hillside and as the name promises, is situated next to a natural spring.  To get to High Rock Springs take Forest Road 58 from Highway 224 all the way until you reach a “T” in the road.  You will see a sign that tells you to go right for Timothy Lake and left for Frazier Turnaround.  If you look left you will see a hidden dirt road that looks like it leads to nowhere.  That is the road to the campground.  You will need to keep a close eye out as you can easily drive right past the campground.

Again, this is NOT a maintained campground.

High Rock Springs Campground Map

Weather for High Rock Springs Campground

High Rock Springs Campground Photos

That's My Concrete Fire Pit

May 5, 2024

the campsite nearest to the outhouse has my replacement fire pit that I made and installed where the old crumbled fire pit had been ( in 2002 ) The springs used to have Forest Service piping to allow ease of access to the water. CAUTION: I have found signs of Aplodontia (Mountain Beaver) both in the springs and around the area there . Aplodontia make their home up in the springs Boil Water before consuming or cooking with it. see old video from 1991 – – – – – https://youtu.be/KtHdVzSlAyw

Cleatus Wallbight camp name from Outdoor School

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June 2, 2016


No Title

August 16, 2015


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June 25, 2015


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May 28, 2015



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  1. Excellent info…I was thinking about heading up to High Rock for night photo’s of hood…and making my base camp at this location….I don’t mind unimproved areas…. it’s all about the adventure 😉

    1. Glad it is helpful. I was actually just up at High Rock last weekend. There was a small amount of snow but it all should be melted by now. Didn’t go down to High Rock Springs so I can’t attest to the condition of the road. If you get some photos feel free to submit them on the site here and I can feature them with a link back to you. Thanks for visiting!

      1. Chris ….for all that eludes me…this Mecca of solitude is still hidden from me. Was up at High Rock yesterday….but was unable to locate the hidden road. My GPS in my truck and the signage in the area is getting worse. I’m sure I passed it as I turned onto FS Rd 58 heading back toward Shell rock campground…going south….

  2. Well…. was up there yesterday… the road to the top of High Rock is clear …..great view from where the old Fire Lookout once stood….but for the love of my GPS and damaged signage…. I was unable to find this campground…. took a break at Shell rock Creek campground. …which the Forest Page still shows as closed (I wonder if they every update their sites). So I am sure I passed the road…. also took a side excursion out to Hidden Lake….5 miles off of FS Rd 58. I will not be discouraged….I will find this meca of solitude 🙂

    Appreciate your site….

    Was hoping to get up to Tilly Jane….seems the FS said the road has been cleared of the worrisome timber snags…but it’s still blocked off as closed….sigh… I really wish they would update their web pages ….again….Thank you 🙂

    1. Hey Alan,
      Yes it is pretty difficult to find and last time I was up there the shrubbery had overgrown the entrance quite a bit. The road is completely unmarked and you will likely take a look at it and think “nope, that can’t be it”. From what I can remember you take shellrock creek up and when you get to the T in the road where you go left to high rock you will find the road to High rock springs. It is tucked away to your back left if that makes sense. You can also approach it from the other direction but I think that one is a bit more difficult to find.

      Tilly Jane / Cloud Cap usually doesn’t open until much later in the season (sometimes after 4th of July). The road is pretty beat up so if you are a hiker I would recommend parking at the gate and hiking the trail. It goes up a burn area with some great views and then goes right through Tilly Jane and then to Cloud Cap Inn.

  3. Took my family here in July Last summer, didn’t see another person there for 4 days. Outhouse is in good repair, parking is limited, there is fresh water, the road is slightly sketchy in a couple of places. It’s great place if you want to be away from people.

    Like Chris says it is the gravel road next to the “T” with the road to High Rock at the top.

  4. Went here last thursday to check it out. It was a very sketchy, skinny road. Not hard to find, but there was a fire that had happened so there was charred trees about 2 miles before the site itself. The site is very hilly, with 3 campgrounds in total. One up the hill, two down closer to the bathroom, though 1 doesn’t have a table and the other has 2. The spring is very very small. Not horrible for free, but there are a lot nicer spots without picnic tables. 😉