Dog Lake Campground, Wenatchee National Forest, Washington

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Dog Lake Campground Details

No Potable Water
  • Campground Rating:
  • Number of Campsites: 8
  • Avg. Overnight Fee: $8
  • Drinking Water: No
  • Toilets: Vaulted
  • Camphost on Site: No
  • Fires Allowed: Seasonal
  • Cell Service: Yes, Most Carriers
  • Season: Summer - Falls
  • Nearest Store (Miles): 10
  • GPS: 46.6552,-121.36
  • Elevation: 3,400 ft.
  • Showers: No
  • Firewood for Sale: No
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Dog Lake Campground Description

Dog Lake Campground is located in the Wenatchee National Forest on highway 12 between Rimrock Lake and White Pass.  The campground lies between highway 12 and Dog Lake with no actual campsites on the shore of the lake.  There are only 8 campsites and a small day use are with picnic tables located near the lake.  There is a boat launch, however, the campground loop is small and long trailers could have a difficult time making the turns.  The actual campsites are small with little privacy and close proximity to highway 12 making it loud at times when trucks pass by.  There is a wheelchair accessible campsite however it is located closest to the highway.  Overall the campground offers little privacy but that can be overlooked due to how small and close to dog lake it is.

Dog Lake is a small lake ideal or fishing and swimming though the water is very cold.  It is too small for any recreational boats so water skiing and other such activities are not recommended.  Rimrock Lake is a great alternative for those looking for water sports.

Dog Lake Campground Map

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