Oregon Adds 25% Tourist Tax to Out of State Campers

If you are an out-of-state camper visiting Oregon get ready to pay a little more for that beachfront campsite starting in 2022.

SB 794, which levies a 25% tax on all out-of-state campers using recreational vehicles, was recently passed by the Oregon State Senate and will take effect at some point in 2022. The increase does not apply to tent campsites, yurts or cabins. If you are a tent camper utilizing a site with hookups, however, be prepared to pay the fee even if you are not in a recreational vehicle. The fee increase will apply to 56 state parks but not any of the federally operated campgrounds.

This fee increase comes at a time when many campgrounds in Oregon are at a breaking point. Popular campgrounds are often booked out 8-9 months in advance and even the less popular areas are completely full even in the middle of the week.

With many of the out-of-state campers in RVs being retirees with deep pockets it is doubtful this minor fee increase will deter people from visiting the state. So don’t get your hopes up thinking this will open up campsite availability. It will, however, provide additional funds to the state park system to operate. Perhaps they will build a few more campgrounds?




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