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Situated on the shores of Detroit Lake, Mongold Day Use Area offers an idyllic escape into Oregon’s natural beauty. Less than a five-minute drive west from the town of Detroit, this popular spot serves as a perfect base for a variety of outdoor activities, making it a favorite among both locals and tourists.

As you approach Mongold from the west, the scenic beauty of the North Santiam River and the surrounding lush landscapes are immediately striking. The area’s history is rooted in its 1953 transformation, when the river was dammed primarily for flood control and hydroelectric power, sparking the birth of Detroit Lake. Today, while its functional origins persist, Detroit Lake’s role as a popular recreation destination is what truly defines it.

The Mongold Day Use Area is conveniently positioned about 1.5 miles west of Detroit Lake State Park, making it the primary access point to the lake’s recreational activities.  The park is well-equipped with plenty of parking, accommodating 58 cars and 120 vehicle-trailer combinations, however on busy days finding a spot can still be difficult.

Boating enthusiasts will find Mongold to be particularly appealing. The area includes two expansive boat ramps and a dock, catering to those looking to explore the lake’s many arms. Whether you’re towing a boat or renting one nearby, these facilities make launching straightforward and stress-free. For those without a boat, there is still plenty to do. A large, grass-covered beach and a designated swimming area are perfect on a hot summer day.

Picnickers can take advantage of the numerous tables dotted throughout a shaded picnic area, perfect for family gatherings or a quiet lunch amidst nature. The area is also complete with restrooms and changing areas.

Mongold is not only about daytime enjoyment. The facility also offers overnight parking for adventurers looking to experience the unique charm of boat-only access camping on Piety Island. This feature adds an adventurous twist to the traditional day trip, allowing for starlit nights and serene mornings on the lake.

For those planning frequent visits, consider purchasing a 12 or 24-month day-use permit available at the entrance booth. These permits offer a convenient and cost-effective way to enjoy Mongold and other state parks throughout the year.

Administered by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department and part of the larger Detroit Lake State Park, Mongold Day Use Area is a testament to Oregon’s commitment to preserving and enhancing its natural spaces. Situated along Oregon Route 22, this gem is easily accessible and continues to be a cherished spot for anyone looking to make the most of the great outdoors.

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