Memaloose Falls

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  • GPS: 45.186648,-122.223832
  • Elevation: 367 feet
  • Attraction Type: Waterfall
  • Waterfall height: 80 feet
  • Waterfall Source: Memaloose Creek

Memaloose Falls Attraction Description

Memaloose Falls.  It just has a cool name, doesn’t it? Not only is it’s name awesome but Memaloose Falls itself has some rather mystique features to it.  Located just up stream from the Clackamas River on Memaloose Creek the falls really only has two precarious ways to reach it.  The first and probably most common way to get to Memaloose falls is by scrambling down a steep hillside covered in loose rock then navigating your way through an old water works tunnel only to scramble down another steep hillside covered in even looser rock.  The second way would be to ford the Clackamas river when the water level is low, crossing a rotting old bride then scrambling down the hill covered in loose rock.  So needless to say getting to Memaloose Falls is a bit of a challenge.

Once you actually make it to the base of Memaloose Falls you will be greeted with a beautiful waterfall that plunges roughly 80 feet.  The falls is really wedged in the valley and you feel tiny looking up around you.  There is no real viewpoint for Memaloose Falls and if you make it to the base of it you will struggle to find a place to sit and enjoy the view without getting wet.  Heading back is possibly worse than the descent as you now must scramble back uphill with no ropes on loose rock.  Every two steps forward you slide one step back.

Pros:  Secluded waterfall you will most likely have all to yourself.  You will likely see no one else on your entire hike.  Beautiful scenery.

Cons: Incredibly difficult to reach and at times downright dangerous.

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June 15, 2017



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