3/5 (1 reviews)

Lower Clackamas Falls - Clackamas River, Oregon

Attraction Details

  • Rating: 3/5 (1)
  • GPS: 45.190320,-122.227830
  • Elevation: 830 feet
  • Attraction Type: Waterfall
  • Waterfall height: 60 feet
  • Waterfall Source: South Fork Clackamas Creek

Lower Clackamas Falls Description

Lower Clackamas Falls is located the South Fork Clackamas Creek – a tributary to the well known Clackamas River.  While it is a good sized waterfall, Lower Clackamas Falls is not well known as access to it is fairly difficult and requires either the fording of the Clackamas River or a long scramble type hike down a steep hillside, across a washed out bridge and then down another loose rock covered hillside.

Lower Clackamas Falls Map

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