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Ape Cave - Mt. St. Helens Wilderness

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Ape Cave is the third longest lave tube in North America measuring in distance at just over 2.4 miles. This is well known and managed lava tube with a large paved parking lot and manned information station with a ranger on site during the busy months of the year. The cave is a great adventure for most able bodied thrill seekers as there are metal stairs into the entrance and most areas of the cave are easy to walk through without getting on your hands and knees. We should mention that to complete the entire length of the cave does require some basic climbing skills as there is a 8ft wall that must be scaled more than halfway into the cave.

In general Ape Cave is a must do for anyone in the area looking for adventure. There are plenty of excellent write-ups and brochures online offering information on what to bring, where to go and what to expect. See our links below for details.

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