White River Station Campground Closed

Many of our favorite campgrounds located in the northwest are usually situated along a river bank or body of water.  Their proximity to rivers is exactly why we like these campgrounds so much.  However sometimes being close to water does not work out so well for the campground itself.  Case in point: the White River Station Campground on Mount Hood.

The White River Station campground is a bit of a “hidden gem” located on the southern side of Mt. Hood about 15 minutes from highway 26.  It is slightly primitive in nature and only has (had?) 5 campsites and no drinking water.  There is plenty of dispersed camping located on the dirt road into White River Station and on holidays you can find plenty of campers boondocking in the woods.  For some, though, White River Station is one of those special places not many know about.  Unfortunately camping traditions will have to change for those looking to visit White River Station this year.

Last week the forest service announced the indefinite closure of the White River Station campground.  The closure is due the encroachment of the White River into the actual campground and the loss of several campsites as the river changes course.  We can assume that the heavy rains from this past winter led to flooding that washed away much of the embankment which kept the river from running through the more favored campsites.

If you were planning on heading up to White River Station campground you will have to make alternate plans.  Luckily there is no shortage of campgrounds in the area and below is a list of other options you can choose from:




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