Backpacking Coffee Maker

Backpacking Coffee Maker

If you are anything like me you cannot start your day without a strong cup of coffee in the morning.  This is especially true when out in the woods camping and you are forced awake by the early glare of sun on your tent at 6am.  There is something about being off the grid that makes a hot cup of coffee taste that much better – maybe it is the warming of the cup on the hands on a cold morning or the strong aroma contrasted with the fresh air… whatever it is I love it.

Making coffee while car camping is pretty much a no-brainer.  There are tons of options from the French Press to the classic percolator however brewing a batch of the black stuff while backpacking raises another challenge.

When backpacking you want your gear to be light and compact… hauling a percolator or french press is just not going to happen.  Companies like Jetboil make addons that allow you to brew coffee however those options tend to cost more than I am willing to spend and take up more space than should be necessary.

Enter the pour over coffee make.  Most of us have seen a traditional pour over coffee maker in our own home or at a coffee shop.  You see the barista put the funnel-like contraption over a cup, line it with a filter, dump the grinds in it then slowly pour hot water over it.  This process make a fine cup of coffee and is perfect for backpacking.  The only catch is carrying that slightly bulky contraption.  Until now.

After much searching online, reading reviews and making a tough decision we decided to try out the R’stoyours Collapsible Silicone Coffee Maker.  We couldn’t be more pleased.  This collapsible device is made out of silicone, comes with a carabiner for easy hanging from a pack and expands perfectly when you need it to make a cup of coffee.  What’s more, it weighs next to nothing and takes up very little space in a pack.  To enjoy coffee on the trail all you need is this pour over coffee maker, a way to boil water, your grinds and a coffee filter.  Well… you also need a cup but come on you knew that.

After taking this little coffee maker on a backpacking trip I can confidently recommend it and the price point (around $6) makes it even easier to pull the trigger on this.  Click the link below to check out the backpacking coffee maker on and see what others have to say about it.

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