Lakes End Campground - Smith Reservoir, Oregon

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Lakes End Campground Details

CLOSED Until 2022
  • Campground Rating:
  • Number of Campsites: 17
  • Avg. Overnight Fee: Free
  • Drinking Water: No
  • Toilets: Vaulted
  • Camphost on Site: No
  • Fires Allowed: Yes
  • Cell Service: No
  • Season: May - September
  • GPS: 44.332013225,-122.047341913
  • Elevation: 3000 ft.
  • Showers: No
  • Firewood for Sale: No

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Lakes End Campground Description

Lakes end campground is a boat in only campground that is closed until 2022 due to a hydroelectric retrofitting project.  For full details visit:

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July 2, 2017



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  1. This campground will be closed until 2021 for maintenance on the dam. Bummer, because it’s a really lovely and mostly unknown spot. Campground on the right side a the top of the lake is accessible to power boats (10 mph only) and the one on the left is only accessible by kayak or canoe. It’s about an hour paddle, and really easy for novices (like me). The water is super clear, and looked like good fishing. Hopefully the “improvements” being made to the lake won’t put it on the radar, I can’t wait to go back when it’s open again.