Northwest Campfire Bans and Restrictions

It is up to you to know where you are traveling and what fire restrictions are in place for the area you are visiting.  If you are going to a campground or backpacking take note of the land area you will be on and determine the governing body that manages that land.  For instance, if you are traveling through the Mt. Hood National Forest you would want to look into the specific ranger district that manages that land to learn what fire restrictions are in place.  Thanks to multi-agency management it is not always clear whether fires are permitted.  A good rule of thumb is to assume that if you are camping anytime after August 1st that there are most likely fire restrictions in place.

Active Fires

Active fires are probably the most serious danger you want to be aware of prior to embarking on an adventure.  You can find a list of active large fires for the northwestern states by visiting the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center website.


  • Current Fire Incidents – A list of active fires burning in the state of Oregon
  • Current Fire Restrictions – An interactive map showing areas in Oregon with fire restrictions or burn bans

View Oregon Campfire Restrictions


As of August 3rd, 2016 there is a burn ban in effect for the entire state of Washington on all lands managed by the Department of Natural Resources.  Currently, there is not burn ban in any of the National Forests in Washington.  Given that we are in the heart of fire season it is important to always check up to date resources for the most current information that affects your area.  For detailed information on burn bans in the state of Washington visit our Washington Campfire Restrictions page.

  • Current Fire Incidents – A list of active fires burning in the state of Washinton
  • Washington Burn Bans – A website dedicated to current burn bans in the State of Washington.

View Washington Campfire Restrictions