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Why Partner with us?

Partnering with the Muddy Camper gives you direct access to an outdoor enthusiast audience and allows you to target consumers that fit into this niche.  If you want to get your product in front of a group of adventure seekers we can help. Our site visitors are usually trip planning and researching destinations they will be visiting.  What better time to get in front of an audience than when they are in decision making mode?

About Us

Muddy Camper is an established camping and outdoor brand focusing on adventures in the Pacific Northwest including Oregon, Washington and the surrounding areas.  We curate information specifically designed to make trip planning easier for both novice and advanced outdoor enthusiasts.  Our visitors turn to us for suggestions on where to camp, how to get there and which campgrounds provide the best amenities for their needs.

Who are our visitors?

From April 2018 to April 2019 we saw over 90,000 visitors. Over 80% of our visitors hail from either Oregon or Washington with 97% of our total visitors coming from the United States.  The people that come to our site are “outdoorsy” folks who enjoy sleeping under the stars and getting dirty while recreating in the PNW.

Who can partner with us?

While we are always open to new partnerships we want to keep our content consistent with what our audience expects.  This means that we reserve the right to deny any advertising application for any reason.  We also believe in only promoting products that we personally have vetted and trust.  This means that if we unfamiliar with a product offering we may request a demo or visit to make sure it is in line with our advertising guidelines.  User trust is very important and we feel that your advertising results will thrive thanks to this policy.

Forms of Advertising

Display Blocks:

Your ad will be shown throughout our site both in the blog section as well as the individual campgrounds section.  This will ensure that your banner gets as much visibility as possible on the most popular pages of our site.  Our display block sizes are 130px by 130px and 300px by 130px.


Large Banner:

Our large banner blocks are limited in number to ensure advertisers do not get lost in a crowd of other ads.  These will display prominently within blog content (as opposed to the sidebar) and towards the top of our campground detail pages.  The large banner size is 723px by 130px.


*discounts available for advertising durations longer than 6 months.

Blog Post:

Want us to feature you in a blog post? We can do that.  From product reviews to campground or destination highlights we spotlight your offering.  So long as your product is consistent with the rest of our site and does not come off as blatant advertising we can work with you.  Contact us for pricing

Product Giveaway / Promo:

Want us to run a product giveaway on our site?  This is a cost effective way to get your product in front of many, many outdoor enthusiasts.  We will promote your product across our social media platforms, on our site and in our email blast newsletter.  You provide the giveaway and we do the rest.  Contact us for pricing

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