Clear Creek Falls Overlook

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Clear Creek Falls Overlook Attraction Description

Clear Creek Falls is a point of interest located in the Wenatchee National Forest near Mount Rainier and White Pass, Washington. The 228 foot waterfall is quite impressive, though the viewpoint does not off the best of actual views due to the hidden location of the falls.  The actual overlook has restrooms (vault toilets), picnic tables, parking and is wheelchair accessible.  You can see the waterfall with minimal effort but for better views consider hiking just a few minutes downhill.  If you are in the vicinity, Clear Creek Falls is definitely worth a stop.

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May 12, 2019


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June 24, 2017



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  1. The falls and surrounding scenery are worth stopping for, but that is where the positive remarks end. Toilets were locked when my family and I stopped so we couldn’t stay long since everyone had to use a restroom. It appears some visitors decide to stay for a bit and just go in the bushes right next to the trail and remnants of toilet paper and feces confirm this. There is graffiti and vandalism present throughout this small attraction and the fence that is intended to prevent visitors from falling to their certain death is in shambles with the top rail in several sections missing. I have passed this stop many times and had always wanted to stop and take a look, but because of the aforementioned reasons, I think I’ll just keep moving down the mountain.