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Nothing Like camping in the great Northwest….

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  1. Knicci

    Just went to make reservations for Raab, one of my favorite camping destinations, and it appears that the park has been completely changed offering only six group spots (30 – 60 per spot). Do you know anything about this?

    Sad Camper

    1. Chris

      As far as I know Raab has never offered six group spots… only one. In fact I know of few campgrounds that offer than many group sites. Are you confusing it with a different campground?

  2. Knicci

    Hi Chris, Update. My husband and I drove up to check on it this past weekend. They have now divided the campground into six group sections. For the time being you can only reserve blocks online, but if you go to the campground and an individual site is not part of a previously booked group, you can stay in it on a first come first serve basis. The fee is $16 a night, $8 for additional car and they no longer accept checks under $50. So bring cash if you only plan to stay a night or two. I am really not sure if this change is good or bad yet. There could be many pros and cons either way.

    1. Chris

      Thanks for the update! I also wrote the Ripplebrook Camp store on their Facebook page and confirmed your findings. I will update the Raab page so it shows the new changes. I really liked Raab because it is so far up the road and gets little traffic. Not sure if these changes will be for the better or not. Thanks again for the update!!!

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