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Cobra Power Inverter

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The Cobra Power Inverter is a great product for car campers and road warriors who are looking to charge up their devices or use light load electronics while camping. This particular power inverter is small but packs a mean punch. It can power most electronics aside from a circular saw or other high consumption tools. cobra-inverter If you are looking to charge a laptap, electric inflator or run a light this inverter will get the job done. It comes with two plug receptors as well as a USB socket for those computer devices and it can be run through your cigarette lighter or with the included battery clamp adapter.

The inverter has a small fan that runs when the device heats up and when powering multiple devices it tends to get hot. So what won’t this product do? We tried powering an electric blanket with it and it failed to do the job. Other than that, it has been able to handle everything thrown at it. For the price and size, you cannot go wrong with the Cobra Power Inverter.

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