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The Muddy Camper is a website dedicated to all things camping and outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.  Why “Muddy Camper”?   It seemed fitting for the way we often camp in our ultra wet climate.

Our goal at the Muddy Camper is to organize the information you want in a way that is easy to find.   We believe in keeping things simple while providing as much information as possible to make your next adventure a success.

We currently feature campgrounds in Oregon and Washington and are constantly adding new content to the site. Thanks for stopping by and happy trails!

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Sites: 51

Badger Lake

Badger Lake Oregon - Image Credit:
Sites: 4

Barlow Crossing

Barlow Crossing Campground
Sites: 6

Bear Springs

Bear Springs Campground - Site #2
Sites: 21

Bonney Crossing

Sites: 8

Bonney Meadow

Sites: 6

Boulder Lake

Sites: 10


Sites: 5

Carter Bridge

Carter Bridge Campground
Sites: 15

Chain of Lakes

Sites: 3

Champoeg State Park

Sites: 101

Clear Lake

Clear Lake Mount Hood, Oregon
Sites: 28

Climber’s Bivouac

Climbers Bivouac
Sites: Few

Dog Lake

Dog Lake
Sites: 8

Elk Creek

Sites: 14

Gales Creek

Sites: 21

Half Moon Bay

Sites: 42

Hause Creek

Hause Creek Campground
Sites: 42


Sites: 10

Hideaway Lake

Sites: 10

Humbug Mountain

Humbug Mountain Entrance
Sites: 50

Indian Creek

Indian Creek Campground
Sites: 39


Sites: 55

Keeps Mill

Sites: 5


Lockaby Campground River
Sites: 30

Lost Lake

Lost Lake Campground Oregon
Sites: 148 Reserve Site

Mallard Marsh

Sites: 15

Marsters Springs

Sites: 10


Crater Lake
Sites: 214


Mcneil Campground Sign
Sites: 43

Meditation Point

Meditation Point, Oregon
Sites: 5

Morrison Creek

Morrison Creek Campground Sign
Sites: 8

Natural Bridge

Sites: 17

North Lava Flow

Sites: 6


Nottingham Campground Sign
Sites: 20


Sites: 23

Olive Lake

Olive Lake Campground, Blue Mountains, Eastern Oregon
Sites: 28


Raab Bridge
Sites: 27 Reserve Site


Rainbow Campground
Sites: 18 Reserve Site

Scout Lake

Sites: 9

Shady Cove

Shady Cove Campground
Sites: 13

Shellrock Creek

Sites: 8


Sites: 14

Sunset Bay

Sunset Bay State Park The Beach
Sites: 110


Tahkenitch Campground
Sites: 34

Tahkenitch Landing

Tahkenitch Landing - Lakeview
Sites: 27


Sites: 12

The Cove

The Cove Campground
Sites: 10

Thielson View

Thielson View Campground, Diamond Lake, Oregon
Sites: 60


Sites: 15

Tillicum Beach

Beach at Sunset
Sites: 61


Toll Gate Campground Sign
Sites: 15

Twin Falls

Sites: 5

Twin Harbors

Twin Harbors State Park
Sites: 290

Two Color

Two Color Campground
Sites: 11